Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden of Truth TV returns

A unique Midwestern Muslim TV show, Garden of Truth, returns to the airwaves next week on  WYOU-TV, channels 95 and 991 in Madison, Wisconsin. The show will also be webcast live on Ustream TV.  Schedule details forthcoming.

Garden of Truth has developed an enthusiastic following of non-Muslims as well as Muslims during its ten years at WYOU.  The show features frank, sometimes humorous discussion of Islam and Islam-related issues, as Midwestern Muslim white guy hosts engage in spirited repartee with guests, callers, and each other.

Salih Erschen, founder of the Madison Muslim Dawa Circle and the original Garden of Truth host, serves as amir and lead imam at Masjid al-Madinah in Madison, Wisconsin. Abdullah Champeon, the main Garden of Truth host for the past several years, is noted for his personable style, wide range of knowledge and offbeat sense of humor. Former regular guest and current co-host Yaseen Abdelhak (Kevin Barrett) is a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, author, and radio host best known for his 9/11 truth scholarship and activism.

Forthcoming episodes of Garden of Truth will discuss the top ten misconceptions about Islam.

Take a wild ride beyond the stereotypes -- check out Garden of Truth and gain a fascinating perspective on the world's fastest-growing religion as it takes root in the American heartland.

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